Enduro GP

Enduro GP is the most prestigious Enduro event series in the world with a long history and more that 120 past events on the 5 continents.

Best of the Net

Best of the Net is a fast-paced new clip series featuring today's hottest viral videos, leaving audiences laughing out loud at everything from hilarious fails to cute kids and pets.

Vice Versa

Parents and children reverse their roles but not their lives. We meet adolescent, capricious or unloved parents, and protective children or dictators, in everyday scenes.


Ouifi is a little dog that lives with a crazy and fun family, the Menorquy's. Oufi has a key role in hilarious situations and always finds a way to survive a family crisis and their funny gags.

Cam Clash

Cam Clash is a reality type report shows a discriminating situation brought on the unknown person with the help of comedians.

The Dr. Binocs show

The Dr. Binocs show is an animated learn series for kids. Quirky and fun, Dr. Binocs zooms in and out of complicated concepts and simplifies them for kids. Gear up to learn some fun facts with [...]

Luc Langevin – On Stage

Before an astounded audience, Luc presents new illusions especially created for the stage. Impressive magic tricks that differ from what we have seen on television. Luc on stage takes us on a [...]

Martin weak gender

focuses on the main character, Martin, and how he endures life in a world where the relationship between men and women is reversed and the men are subjected to stereotypes and discrimination on a [...]


Ex-Model is a fashion scene where a beautiful Chinese model, Xin Xin, has been one of its top models, but she discovers that at the “old” age of 30 she has to consider alternative career options [...]


features a single man in his thirties, Jerome, as he uses speed dating to find true love with the woman of his dreams, but sometimes the dream is a nightmare! At some point in our lives, we've [...]

Oko Lele

Jamie teleports back in time to the stone age through a mysterious portal. He mets with 2 cavemen, Oko & Lele.

Out of Control

30 days, 30 celebrities, our mysterious chauffeur will pick them up at the airport in a sophisticated car, but then our driver encounters a problem so the star has to take over the wheel. We then [...]

Great Little Ones

A beautiful musical series that tells the value of human beings and helps to accept diversity and the speciality of individuals.

Hydro and Fluid

Hydro and Fluid are two water capsules who ran away from the laboratory after gaining life in an experience that went wrong. In each episode, the characters make experiments with water that can [...]


Little Jonny loves eating junk food from time to time. Lucky him having a healthy hero inside his mind called Karl - a powerful (and clumsy) hero made of fruits. His mission is to help Jonny stay [...]

Nutri Ventures

La toute première animation pour enfant développée exclusivement pour promouvoir une alimentation saine en créant un environnement positif.

Magic Celebrity

6 celebrities, an incredible challenge of becoming expert illusionists within a week.

You’re Cooked

A format full of surprises, mixing hidden cameras, reality TV and a cooking master class.


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