Within the extravagant Paris fashion world, Chinese immigrant in modeling agency, XinXin discovers suddenly that she has become too old to work, while she is not even thirty years old.


In FAAAIL ! Jerome was looking for love and he found troubles. FAAAIL ! the show that hurts love, narrates the adventures of Jerome Etxeberria , single man in his thirties who participate at a [...]

Oko Lele

Jamie teleports back in time to the stone age through a mysterious portal. He mets with 2 cavemen, Oko & Lele.

Out of Control

30 days, 30 celebrities, our mysterious chauffeur will pick them up at the airport in a sophisticated car, but then our driver encounters a problem so the star has to take over the wheel. We then [...]

Great Little Ones

A beautiful musical series that tells the value of human beings and helps to accept diversity and the speciality of individuals.

Hydro and Fluid

Hydro and Fluid are two water capsules who ran away from the laboratory after gaining life in an experience that went wrong. In each episode, the characters make experiments with water that can [...]


Little Jonny loves eating junk food from time to time. Lucky him having a healthy hero inside his mind called Karl - a powerful (and clumsy) hero made of fruits. His mission is to help Jonny stay [...]

Nutri Ventures

The first children's entertainment brand in the world developed exclusively to promote healthy eating in creating positive environment so that kids associate good feelings with healthy food.

Pop Magic Street

With Pop Magic Street, forget about the pigeons and rabbits in the hat because whatever you bring in your pockets is enough to create a fantastic magic moment.

Pop Kids

A compilation of home videos, candid camera clips and bloopers involving children and their antics

Pop & Pop

A humorous and energetic video-gag show presented by a baby, a dog and a duck in the form of a news bulletin.

Pop Corn Xmas

A compilation of home videos, candid cameras and sports bloopers all around the Christmas season

Pop Toon

Our selection of cartoons from all over the world

You’re Cooked

A format full of surprises, mixing hidden cameras, reality TV and a cooking master class.


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